Guitar lessons

I am currently accepting guitar students.

I currently teach guitar lessons online via skype. If you have a webcam or laptop with a built in camera, that is all you will need to get started.

I accept all students with an interest in learning:

- all ages - kids and adults - 8 through 80
- all Levels - beginner through advanced
- all styles

- Folk
- Jazz
- Classical
- Flamenco
- Acoustic or Electric
- and more

Contact me and we can get started !
Mike Brick



I have been teaching professionally for well over 10 years. Although I currently teach only online, In the past I have taught at various locations in Denver including Mars Music and The Ascot Music Academy, As well as in NYC at The Music Zoo and The Paul Green's School of Rock.

My teaching methods depend on the age and ability of the students. With older or more advanced students, I tailor the lessons to fit the student's needs, musical tastes and goals. With younger students and beginners, I utilize my developed structured curriculum to get children excited about the guitar, giving them a foundation for more advanced studies as they mature. I also have recently developed a curriculum aimed directly for rock guitar with an emphasis on songs found in the "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" video games.

I believe that music should be fun and exciting, and guitar lessons with me will help inspire you to see music as an easy, fun, and rewarding experience. - you will be playing songs in the first lesson or two.

Whether it be songwriting, jamming, singing and playing, rock solos, jazz chops, classical repitoire, or learning your favorite songs, you will make quick progress and become a more confident player in no time.

I have a music degree and have been performing all over the country in all types of bands for over a decade.

Contact me now for current rates and schedule 

Mike Brick



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